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The New World Horror Trailer (2018)

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The New World Horror tells the story of eight strangers who find life turned upside down when a group of political extremists release a demonic virus from hell. The independent movie, made completely in Wisconsin with a local cast and crew, is a nostalgic black-and-white take on the zombie genre.


The full-length film, will hold its world premiere on Sunday, April 8, 2018  


Written and directed by Adam Schabow (Christmas in April, Rants Without Pants, Blogging Blue) and starring Jennifer Grundy, Dana Pellebon, Steve Golla, Tawnie P. Thompson, Greg Johnson, Carmela Wiese, Joe Price, and Harris Lemberg

The New World Horror Teaser (2014)

The New World Horror Teaser (2014)


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The New World Horror